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Children are precious. They need safe and caring environments where they can learn about the world, about their strengths and talents, and about how to get along with others.

Our History
Hana Christian International Kindergarten was established to build a strong foundation on Christian truth and character in early childhood education. Under the direction, leadership and ministry of dedicated missionaries from Korea, who, with a vision for planting churches and serving the local community, began the implementation of a quality academic program for Nursery-Kindergarten 2 in 2006 especially for Thai students and children of missionaries serving in Thailand.

Within ONE year, HCIK had increased its enrollment significantly, leading to the opening of Kindergarten 3. As a result, HCIK was upgraded from a Bilingual school to an International School in the year 2009. For over 16 years now, Hana Christian International Kindergarten has been a school of servant leaders working in the system of faith, excellence, leadership, and love in a Christian environment for students aged 1.5-6 years old.
"HANA" means "ONE" in Korean, reflecting our commitment to unity and individual growth. Embracing diversity, we celebrate each student's uniqueness as a vital part of our shared journey toward knowledge and personal development. So, come join us at Hana School, where we nurture not only academic growth but also the warmth of friendship and the joy of learning together as one big, supportive family.
The school is located in a peaceful suburban area southwest of Chiang Mai, Thailand, just right across the street from the Royal Flora Project. With an international airport, rail and bus lines, and major highway routes, Chiang Mai is well-connected with the rest of Southeast Asia and the world.

We are dedicated to nurturing the holistic development of each child in a Christ-centered environment. Our mission is to provide a loving and supportive foundation that fosters spiritual, academic, social, and emotional growth. Through engaging educational experiences, guided by Christian principles, we aim to instill a lifelong love for learning and a deep understanding of God's love, preparing our young learners to become compassionate, responsible, and confident individuals. We are a joyful school community where every child is known. 

We envision Hana Christian International Kindergarten to be a beacon of Christian education, illuminating paths for confident and compassionate leaders. Our vision is a community where every child, rooted in faith, makes a lasting impact on the world.

We believe that every child is unique.  There is a need for safe, caring, and loving Christian schooling, and Hana Christian International Kindergarten resolves to maintain a quality child care program. At Hana Christian International Kindergarten, we go beyond traditional teaching. We wholeheartedly nurture and guide our students, treating each one as an extension of our own family. Through personalized care and genuine dedication, we aim to inspire, empower, and shape young minds for a future of endless possibilities.

Teacher Thawee

School Licensee and Manager


Dear parents, 

Thank you for choosing HCIK to invest in your precious child.

We are as excited as you to see each child grow and become what God has made them to be.

More than a great curriculum or teachers and staffs, we need parent’s partnership for the achievement of our child’s success.

Our role as a school is to prepare our children in unique ways to help all students continue their learning and the cross cultural competency skills to enable them to become global citizens who think of others before themselves and become someone who wants to make the world a better place for everyone.

Teacher Kim

School Supervisor/Principal


Dear parents, 

Hana Christian International Kindergarten is a Christian School and it is our mission to let students know about God and Jesus Christ. 

We recognize that choosing the right school for your child is one of the greatest decisions you face as parents and our desire is to serve and support you as you navigate through this process. 

HCIK believes that in order for students to develop their greatest potential, their early childhood education should be directed toward an understanding of the love of God, a love for fellow human beings, and a love of knowledge. HCIK fosters a nurturing environment in which students’ spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, and artistic abilities can grow and expand.

Teachers also provide a safe and loving environment, ideal for growth and stability in our young children's lives.

Thank you for trusting us with the care of your child. We are devoted to developing a loving and stimulating environment for your child to flourish in. We are grateful for the opportunity to be a part of your child’s life and to work with you in giving your child the best possible attention and care.


Hana Christian international Kindergarten is a member of ISAT and is accredited by the Office for National Education Stardars and Quality Assessment (ONESQA). Additionally, HCIK is fully licensed by the Ministry of Education of the Kingdon of Thailand. The school operates under the supervision of Private Education Commission and is a fully accredited Kindergarten for Thai and International students.